Space Rocket – Co-Ord Set Girl Baby


Depending on the season, the coord set may be designed with sleeveless, accompanied by lightweight or warmer bottoms. Seasonal elements and appropriate fabrics are taken into consideration for the baby’s comfort.

Measurement on one side

TOP (1-2 year )

Height – 38 cm

Chest  – 28 cm


Height – 36 cm

Waist – 22.5 cm

TOP (6-12 M )

Height – 35cm

Chest  – 28 cm


Height – 34 cm

Waist – 20 cm


1-2 Y
6-12 M
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A cotton coord set for babies is a matching or coordinated outfit designed for infants, typically made from cotton fabric.

The set may include a Sleevless top and pant made from soft cotton material. It’s designed with baby comfort in mind and often features cute prints, patterns, or appliques.

These bottoms are also made from cotton to ensure breathability and comfort for the baby.

The outfits are designed to be easy to put on and take off, with features like snap buttons or elastic waistbands. Comfort is a priority, considering the delicate skin of infants.

  1. They provide a convenient and stylish solution for parents looking to dress their babies in matching or complementary outfits.
  2. Care Instructions: Since it’s for babies, the coord set will likely come with care instructions that take into account the need for frequent washing. Cotton is generally easy to care for and can withstand regular machine washing.

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